Ashy Bines Clean Eating Diet Plan Reviews

Since my post on the Ashy Bines generated a lot of interest, I thought I might post up some other sites that have reviewed/commented on the plan.  It might give you a better idea of what the plan is about and whether or not you want to get it.

With the weightwatchers one, you’ll have to scroll down to the bottom and you’ll find the post on the plan.  I found this one the most helpful because it gives you a bit of a summary of what the plan is about.  Plus, it gives you a comparison to the WeightWatchers program, so that’s always handy.

If you’ve tried it or know anything about it, please share your experience! We’d all love to hear more 🙂


Liz xx


10 thoughts on “Ashy Bines Clean Eating Diet Plan Reviews

    • lol couldnt agree more, she obviously has no idea of all the crap she has put about herself all over the net. a complete idiot. her plan is full of shit and her constant response to questions is “go and google it”. its just annoying shes got rich quick of all the girls out there who have fallen victims to the medias sensationalism of what body image is right now.

    • I got a takedown notice from WordPress. Someone (I think we can figure out who) made a complaint that my post was infringing copyright material by distributing said material without the copyright holder’s permission.

      I can try and fight the takedown notice with a counter application and if within 14 days the complainant doesn’t file a suit in court, then I can have my post back up. To be honest, I’m not going to be bothered fighting her in court, so I’m just going to repost my original post but I won’t be able to publish any comments re: distribution of the plan. Sorry guys 😦

      On the bright side, Ari suggested this fb page, which is a forum for people who have tried the diet and haven’t found it’s all it’s cracked up to be. It has some very interesting info, suggest you guys try it out:

      Best of luck!

      Liz xx

      • most ironic that they would make a complaint of distributing material without the copyright holder’s permission, considering they’ve stolen that many before and after photos from various weight loss blogs and falsely claimed that they are people who’ve used their stupid diet.

  1. Such a shame your other thread was removed as I feel it was the best description of the program.

    I have been on the program and my brother who is a pt took one look at the plan and told me to stop. He was very concerned about the amount of training that was recommended with the little amount of carbs. He also laughed at the idea of certain fruits and veg being instructed to avoid.

    I have seen girls crucify themselves over eating fruit as Ashy recommends only one piece and in the morning preferably. A lot of girls eat this plan up and take it as gospel thinking that carrots are bad for them.

    The latest is pregnant mothers – this is a big concern. Ashy has said that her “guidelines” are safe while pregnant and breastfeeding which many women have found out it is not from their gp’s.

    There are so many con’s to this plan that you really do have to brand it a scam.

    if you are thinking about buying the plan jump onto the waste of money page it has a lot of info and is very insightful. I wish I didn’t waste my money on this crap

  2. Hey everyone. Please post all your comments, negative or positive to the Ashy Bines Waste of $ site…
    I do hope everyone is still continuing their clean eating.
    Clean eating is a lifestyle change not a diet. And if you do have a special need (ie pregnant, diabetic etc…) please see a qualified nutritionist. Not only will it cost you about the same as the Ashy Bines poorly spelt PDF of garbage, you’ll be getting advice from someone who went to uni. (Not someone who used to be a qualified spray-tan artist).
    If you read the Ashy Bines Waste of $ page, you will see that quite a few people have investigated her. It turns out that she didn’t have an ABN or a registered business name until April. In this instance, I do truly feel sorry for the girl. I mean, surely she won’t have the money to pay back the ATO after her recent “well earned” purchases… Two new range rovers, overseas trips, new jewellery and who else knows what else!
    If you say anything wrong about Ashy, be prepared to receive hate mail and threats from the Ashy Bines CULT FOLLOWERS. If you are a member of Ashy’s ‘forum’ and you say anything negative about her, ANYWHERE (any other page, any other website where they can identify you), you are deleted.
    Please be aware, that I am by no means advocating how the Ashy Bines Waste of $ page is conducting itself. I am quite simply pointing you in the direction of a place, aside from Liz’s website, where your opinion may be voiced.
    The above text is simply my opinion, which is free to share.
    Ari 🙂

  3. Ashy Bines is Australia’s leading scam artist. I hope jail teaches you a long hard lesson on how to treat people.

  4. I think the ashy bines plan was a joke, living and eating “clean” does not involve taking supplements!…If anyone is interested in eating clean and losing weight long term, try the body beautiful nutrition plan, SOOO much better!

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