EatReview – Primal Pantry, Teneriffe


For those of you who aren’t in the know, Primal Pantry is a Paleo cafe in Teneriffe.

What is paleo you ask?   Well I’m just gonna link you to Wiki for that one, but in general it’s following the diet of our ancestors – the cavemen.  Hence the name Paleo which stands for Paleolithic.

Since I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome and have a very restricted diet (I’m following the Low FODMAPS diet), Primal Pantry sounded like a winner!

So first up, parking around here on a Sunday morning can be a bit hectic, but if you drive around you’ll find a park pretty quickly.

Primal Pantry is a cafe, not a restaurant, so it has an open dining casual front with a small grocery store section inside where you can buy Paleo ingredients.

Service was a tad confusing.  They give you the menu at your table but you have to go up and order from the counter.  No problems with that, but it wasn’t explained particularly clearly. 

Next up is the menu – it’s pretty simple stuff.  It all looked healthy and sounded delicious – so it gets a tick.

I ordered a cappucino with almond milk and paleo toast with a side of smoked bacon (any diet that allows bacon is pretty amazing in my books!)

My friends ordered between them a long black, a chai latte on almond milk, paleo toast and a caveman’s plate.

I was on about 4 hours of sleep from the night before so I was in NEED of my coffee.  It came pretty quickly, but I could only manage about a sip of it.  It was revolting.  I’ve drunk almond milk before and I’ve had good and bad experiences with it – rest assured, this was a bad one.  My friend who got the long black wasn’t a fan of the quality of the coffee to begin with, so all I can say is DO NOT go to Primal Pantry for the COFFEE.

Cappuccino of Doom


Food wise, it was great.

paleo toast with smoked bacon (mmmm, bacon)



caveman’s plate



The food was simple but tasty.  The bread was made of coconut and was quite sweet but still enjoyable.  The eggs were poached nicely – yolks were still runny.  The bacon wasn’t too crispy, which is how I like it!  The rest of the food on the plate is pretty self explanatory.

My friend really enjoyed her caveman’s plate and boy, was she hungry!

A good way to get a healthy breakfast – just skip the coffee.


Decor   Casual cafe

Service  7/10

Food   8/10

Price  $$


Good healthy breakfast – but a cafe with bad coffee, just doesn’t seem right. Worth a visit, but I don’t think I’ll be heading back soon.

Primal Pantry on Urbanspoon

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